Origin8 is an entirely independent games and apps developer for Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad, Mac, Android, PC and PlayStation Mobile.

Founded in 2008 and comprising of a small, highly experienced team whose credits cover a vast number of platforms from the ZX Spectrum onwards, we specialise in games and entertainment.

We hope you enjoy them and do get in touch with us via the contact page, Twitter, Facebook …and other places we hang around.


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A little bit about the team…


Games industry for 25 years as artist/producer/manager, on many platforms on titles for various companies including Nintendo Japan, THQ, Acclaim, Sony, Kemco & Time Warner.
Creates all graphics/animation/media and manages Origin8 business. Needs the ability to make more time in a day.
Has over 14 years experience as a programmer in the games industry and worked on many titles for all major consoles, PC, Mac and mobile devices. Creator and coder of the Sentinel tower defence games. Lover of tasty pub food and ale.
Veteran game developer on too many platforms to recall. Rex on the Spectrum? The award-winning R-Type on Gameboy? Both his. Now creates fantastic games with the Origin8 team. Enjoys other peoples videogames, live music, playing banjo and long walks on the beach (one of these statements is not true) Programming in the games industry for 22 years across too many platforms. Credits include Warlocked, the first RTS for Gameboy Color and Sega Arcade Gallery on Gameboy Advance. Spends his spare time playing games, solving puzzles, programming and generally being a geek.

Origin8 Technologies Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales.

Registered number: 06645633. VAT number: GB 109 6714 08
Registered office: Rowlandson House, 289-293 Ballards Lane, London, N12 8NP, UK