AirBear wants to get HIGH, and he needs help from YOU!
Draw goo trampolines for AirBear to bounce on and launch him up, up and away!

Collect bamboo rings as he climbs to the clouds, but beware of bombs – they’ll knock the stuffing out of him!

Can YOU keep the AirBear airborne, or will he end up grounded..?

Bounce, bounce, bounce and get high!

  • Two addictive game modes:
    ENDLESS BOUND Going up! Spring up the Skyscraper and try for the highest high score in the world! How low can you go? Dive down the perilous Well, but don't hit rock bottom!
    HOMEWARD BOUND AirBear's on a mission! Collect lost jigsaw puzzle pieces scattered throughout the house. Bounce up through the levels from Basement to Attic and Treetop freedom! Hit all the rings and stay in one piece to earn a place on the high score tables!
  • Simply draw a line to create a trampoline!
  • Tap your head to wear your propeller hat! Tap again to disengage and save your batteries.
  • Swipe gusts of wind to slow your descent!
  • Adventure mode - travel through the varying styles & hazards of the house to get to the top of the tree!
  • Tilt your way out of danger!
  • Bright, brilliant graphics, animation, backgrounds and effects!
Developed by

Programming & Design

Jas Austin

Graphics & Design

Laurence McDonald

Music & SFX

Paul Weir


Jez San