Clean the seas in Bio Sub, a tilt or touch physics based puzzle game with a lush aquatic theme.
Unstable canisters of chemical waste are adrift deep within the ocean. As captain of the Bio Sub, your mission is to neutralize these ecological hazards and harvest the energy that they contain. You’ll need a steady hand and sharp reflexes to guide your submarine past the dangers lurking in the depths…

Puzzle action in the deep sea!

  • Steer the Bio Sub by tilting your device, or with optional touch controls.
  • Descend through 70 fiendishly challenging timed levels
  • Smooth, realistic physics govern game play
  • Gorgeously rendered underwater graphics
  • Online achievements and high scores using OpenFeint
  • Music & effects by Earcom.
Developed by

Programming & Design

Steve Clark

Graphics & Design

Laurence McDonald

Music & SFX

Paul Weir


Jez San