Sentinel 4: Dark Star Commander Naming Competition Winner!

Congratulations to Twitter user @AD4MD, who’s won our Sentinel 4: Dark Star Commander naming competition. Our titanic new hero is now officially named “Hyperion”! @AD4MD will receive a copy of the game on iOS at release.


Thanks to everyone who entered!

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Sentinel 4: Dark Star Competition – Name the New Commander!

Time for another naming competition! Today we take a look at our mysterious new Commander unit, and ask you what you think it (or he, or she…) should be called.

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Sentinel 4 Dev Blog: Sight Beyond Sight

Discover another new gameplay mechanic in this dev blog, which discusses the Stealth and Radar systems!

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Sentinel 4: Dark Star Alien Naming Competition Winner

Congratulations to Facebook fan Adam Pickett, who has dubbed our delightful debilitating lightning bug the “Archon”! Adam will receive a free copy of Sentinel 4: Dark Star for iOS at release.
If you didn’t win don’t worry, we’ve got at least one more naming contest coming up. Stay tuned, and thanks to everyone who entered!

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