Sentinel 4: Dark Star Competition – Name the New Commander!

Time for another naming competition! Today we take a look at our mysterious new Commander unit, and ask you what you think it (or he, or she…) should be called. For an added twist, we’re not dealing with a suit of armour built for a human. An almost-forgotten relic of an ancient alien culture, you’ll have to do some work to win its assistance, but once it’s on your side you’ll have a powerful ally against your mutual foes.



The alien Commander takes the place of Sentinel 3’s Aurora mech and fills a similar role, though it’s more defensively focused to complement the returning Artemis armour. Here’s a run down of our new friend’s abilities to inspire your naming choices:


  • If you love using ship weapons this is the Commander for you. The alien retains the Aurora mech’s Energy Siphon aura, turning every enemy death within range into delicious ship energy.
  • When things get rough, it can trigger temporary defences – a period of invulnerability for itself, or emergency shields on all nearby structures.
  • Hold back the hordes with the automatic Slow Shot power, or trigger Plasma Rain to slow everything in a massive radius.
  • When idle, the Commander will repair the barrier it’s defending, and can spawn its own Repair Drones to patch up nearby towers.
  • Surrounded by enemies? Use the vampiric Ingest power to swipe some of their life and heal the Commander.

As before we’ll pick our favourite name to use in-game, and the winner will also receive a free copy of Sentinel 4: Dark Star for iOS at launch! Entering is simple, any of the following methods count:


Make sure we’ll be able to contact you in the event that you win!


Entries close midnight GMT on Friday 21st February 2014. Good luck!


  1. T0AStyWombatsays on February 15, 2014 #

    I think the name Seraph would work well. Otherwise he looks a great deal like Anubis in my opinion. So maybe his name should be Ra (or Osiris)? Maybe implicitly weave it in to real world mythology about how he is an ancient being (or at least his people are) and that’s where the influences in religion for early human culture come from.

  2. alexiabellesays on February 15, 2014 #


    Please release the game already x.x

  3. bloodshinodasays on February 15, 2014 #

    Anubite or Embalmer… (Mythology? =D)

    Naming him before his father name (Ra) doesn’t seem like a good idea to me…

  4. Repair Drone
    Repair Dronesays on February 24, 2014 #

    Entries are now CLOSED, thanks everyone! Keep an eye out for the winner soon!

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