Sentinel 4 Dev Blog: Sight Beyond Sight

Following closely on the heels of last week’s blog about Path Defences (which you can read here) I thought I’d talk about another new gameplay feature in Sentinel 4: Dark Star. Stealth and Radar.


Some enemies in Sentinel 4 have the ability to cloak themselves and become invisible to all of your turrets and defenders, allowing them to run right up to your base unhindered! Luckily, your barriers and your base are equipped with short range radar, allowing you to see them if they get close enough.



Cloaked Stalker (Work in Progress)



Revealed Stalker (Work in Progress)


Once unlocked, you can also build a radar turret, which can reveal cloaked units over a much wider area, allowing them to be dispatched much more easily.



Deployable Radar (Work in Progress)


Radars need to be placed carefully as they are not only weak, but cannot shoot. It is possible to unlock a special buff for upgraded radars though, which increases the range of all turrets near it.


There are other ways to deal with cloaked units too. I wanted to make sure that the system is kept interesting by giving the player choices. Even though they cannot be targeted, they can still take damage. They will be hit by any area damage weaponry, and some abilities such as the Sentinel weaponry can be used to manually target them.


This means that the easiest and most obvious method of dispatching Stalkers is to equip and build radars, but this requires using a turret slot for the radar and the money to build them. More advanced players may choose to use the turret slot for damage-based weapons instead and to rely on the structure radars and targetable weapons to conquer invisible enemies.


As always, feedback and discussion is welcome. Keep an eye on our website for more news and announcements!




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    This is still in progress? Holy hell…

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