Vote for Sentinel 4: Dark Star on Steam Greenlight!

S4 greenlight


Sentinel 4: Dark Star is now up for consideration on Steam Greenlight! If enough Steam users vote for the game, we’ll be able to publish a Windows PC release of Sentinel 4 on the world’s biggest PC gaming store.


Obviously we can’t do this without your support, and it’s doubly important as the majority of our fans know us through tablets and smartphones, not desktops and laptops. Hit the link and give us a thumbs up if you think Sentinel 4: Dark Star deserves a spot on Steam:



We’ve already got the core of the game running smoothly on Windows (check out our Greenlight video and images!), plus a new interface layout designed for PC players. While there’s still work to be done, it shouldn’t take too long to bring the game to full release.


Please spread the word and help us get Sentinel 4 Greenlit! Thanks in advance for your support, and we’ll keep you up to date on the campaign’s progress.

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