Fake My Call is a fun little app that accurately imitates a real incoming call on your iPhone.
On a bad date? Stuck in a boring meeting? Set up a fake call on your iPhone and excuse yourself from those awkward situations.
Want to prank a friend or colleague? Get them to answer a faked call, or let them eavesdrop on your outrageous conversations.

Enjoy it and have fun!

  • Customise waiting screen with a chosen picture.
  • Customise visual caller ID. Edit the caller name and label or choose a contact from your address book.
  • Customizable ringtones. Pick from a selection of pre-set ringtones to add authenticity.
  • Customizable background. Use one of a selection of pre-set images or choose from your own photo library.
  • Audio recorder. Record a voice to play back during a fake call.
  • Use the customisable timer delay, or activate the call as soon as the application starts.
  • Two waiting screen choices, the FakeMyCall screen or a fake sleep screen.
  • Save and load profiles: have multiple caller creations on your device.
  • Upload up to 10 unique profiles to share with your friends and the worldwide Fake My Call community.
Developed by

Programming & Design

Raz Ainuddin

Interface & graphics

Laurence McDonald


Jez San