Future Sense

Future Sense is an episodic adventure with a time-travel twist. Use stealth, wits and your strange experimental powers to stay one step ahead of your pursuers. Piece together the mystery of Sennin Systems and perhaps find a cure for your chronologically-complex curse.

The only person you can rely on is yourself – and your past is sure to catch up with you.

Time waits for no one... except you.

  • Plot your way through vibrant, brain-bending levels with the help of your Future Sense perception.
  • Master the WarpTech, a time travel device that's turned you into a bizarre anomaly and a living weapon! Use your power to destroy or find another path.
  • With your timeline in tatters, your actions have unexpected consequences. New opportunities can open up in old spaces, and old tragedies might not be certainties. Control time and repair your past!
  • Work alongside an ally you know intimately as you cross your own path in time. Lay the foundations for future success and avoid your previous - potentially fatal - mistakes.
  • Unravel the mystery of your powers across multiple chapters and unearth more abilities!
Developed by

Programming, Concept & Design

Jas Austin

Graphics, Animation & Design

Laurence McDonald


Gavin Harrison


Gavin Harrison
Vocals by Rachel Dey


Released on iOS AppStore 21/10/2015

Episode Two coming soon

Now on Steam Greenlight. It's in development and will be available Q4 2015 but needs your vote!