Test your reflexes on the iWire, a quick, slick, addictive action game based on a classic fairground challenge.
You’ll need a steady hand and sharp wits to make it to the top!
Use intuitive tilt controls to race along the wire through vibrant, colourful environments.
An open-ended scoring system and online leader boards ensure there’s always an excuse for just one more go.

Can you stick to the wire?

  • Tilt the device left and right to follow the twists and turns of the wire with your hoop.
  • Your score increases based on your speed and a time-based multiplier.
  • Getting too close to the wire reduces your multiplier, and touching it slows you down.
  • Online scoreboards.
  • With an elegant control scheme, atmospheric music and clear visual gameplay cues, iWire is an instant pick-up-and-play winner!

Developed by

Programming & Design

Jas Austin

Graphics & Design

Laurence McDonald

Music & SFX

Jason Austin


Jez San