Hordes of tiny terrors have broken free of their chains. Use cunning touchscreen gestures to summon a variety of spells as you battle against these classic mini-monsters!

Slice and dice them – one becomes two with the cut spell!
Summon lightning – give them a shocking experience!
Turn up the heat by casting fireballs – watch ’em burn!
Need to slow them? Sculpt an ice block and stun them!

They may be cute, but they aren't cuddly! Kill, kill, kill!

  • Simple gesture system to summon spells
  • Cute & colourful characters, great animation, backgrounds & fx
  • Multiple game modes:
    Normal - Endure 20 rounds as the monsters run amok! Unlock new spells, earn money to trade wisely in the shop!
    Endless - Why limit yourself? Try and last as long as possible, rack up high scores, unlock those achievements, be the best MonsterKill-er!
    Onslaught - How about having NO defenses? Use your tokens wisely in the shop then survive a flood of 101 monsters!

  • Leaderboards and achievements using GameCenter
  • Music & sound effects by Earcom
Developed by

Programming & Design

Raz Ainuddin

Graphics & Design

Laurence McDonald

Music & SFX

Paul Weir


Jez San