Robot Rampage


The invasion has arrived, and YOU are the robot invader on a mission to tear the city apart!
Stomp, burn and nuke your way through randomly generated city levels and crush the humans!
How far can YOU rampage?

Smashingly satisfying casual destruction!

  • Simple, intuitive control system gives you total destructive power!
  • Punch, shoot and stomp your way through the city blocks!
  • Carve a path of carnage through the fully destructible scenery!
  • Randomly generated layouts for a different experience every play!
  • Engage in all-out warfare against troops, helicopters, tanks, bombers and ballistic missiles!
  • Additional content giving you two more AWESOME robots & environments! (via IAP)
  • Gorgeous environments, enemies and visual effects!
  • Multiple game modes:
    Rampage - Destroy it all using increased speed, high powered laser & health powerups!
    Air Assault - How many can you destroy?
    Countdown - Race against the clock!
    Classic - Leave a trail of destruction!
  • High score leaderboards and achievements using GameCenter!
Developed by

Programming & Design

Raz Ainuddin

Graphics & Design

Laurence McDonald

Music & SFX

Paul Weir


Jez San